Krypton is a sideproject pop project to Aviador Dro

"An original soundtrack that includes the echoes of Blondie, Velvet Underground, Garbage, The Curve, Sneaker Pimps or Massive Attack"
"Electroazúcar (electrosugar) doesn't mean anything... Perhaps, just only, the pleasure of the forbidden things"

In memory of Belén, who left us in 2/8/2001.
We still have your voice and your solidarity compromise

"I just listened today our first 6 tracks in the studio and I can assure that this is the best I have done without any doubt. Belén has a fantastic voice. And the music is a cross between a tram and a rock band"

"We are a rock band from the XXI century. I am enthralled by the idea of mixing BLONDIE and the TALKING HEADS, with MASSIVE ATTACK and GARBAGE. I have always really been a Punkie with laboratory overalls"
(Servando, 10/3/1998)

Krypton Data

December 1996-
January 1997
The first core of the band Krypton is formed, with Ismael Contreras (electric guitar) and Servando Carballar (bass and programmings)
October 1997 The two members of Krypton meet Belén Reyes in a Star Wars convention, who immediately joins the band for the vocals
March 1998 Recording of the first demo with 6 tracks, ready by the 12 or march: 'Mente Maestra', 'Predestinados', 'Sin Hacer Ruido', 'Agente Especial', 'Quitanieves', 'Una Mañana de Verano'. 

A few demo CD's are burned, some with 3 songs, some with the 6 songs.
Copies are distributed among different radio programs from Radio 3.

30 March 1998 Premiere of 3 Krypton songs from their demo CD in several Radio 3 programs 
Recording of an interview with Krypton by Jesús Ordovás
6 April 1998 The interview by Jesús Ordovás is emited in his program 'Diario Pop' in Radio 3
16 May 1998 Live debut of Krypton in Madrid, in the Siroco club.
Songs played: 'Sin Hacer Ruido', 'Promesas', 'Chasis', 'Agente Especial', 'Quitanieves', 'Predestinados', 'Heridas', 'Mente Maestra', 'Una Mañana de Verano', 'Electroazúcar'
July 1998 First contacts to release the Krypton recordings in the indie label Subterfuge
September 1998 4 songs are completed and ready for release. A release date of november in the Subterfuge label seems possible. The songs are : 'Electroazúcar', 'Heridas', 'Agente Especial', 'Chasis'
November 1998 The initial plan has to be changed: the initial interest of Subterfuge label vanishes and the record will be self-released by Krypton and distributed by Rompeolas.
12 January 1998 The 4 song CD is ready.
13 January 1998 A new interview by Jesús Ordovás with Krypton is recorded.
14 January 1998 The recorded interview is emited in Jesús Ordovás' program 'Diario Pop' in Radio 3. Another interviews this day: Xabier Moreno interviews Servando Carballar for another Radio 3 program.
16 January 1999 The CD "Electroazúcar" (electrosugar) is released, with 4 songs: 'Electroazúcar', 'Heridas', 'Agente Especial', 'Chasis'. The record is self-released in the label Reactor and distributed by Rompeolas. A few live performances to present the record are possible to take place.
9 February 1999 Live performance in Madrid, Círculo de Bellas Artes, in the commemorative acts of the 20th anniversary of Radio 3, RNE.
6 March 1999 Live performance in Barcelona, Sidecar.
16 April 1999 Live performance in Madrid, Maravillas.
29 April 1999 Live performance in Zaragoza, Morrisey.
29 May 1999 Live performance in Bilbao, Palladium.
27 August 1999 Live performance in Vigo, Vademecwm.
28 August 1999 Live performance in A Coruña
December 1999 - 
January 2000
The first full-lenght Krypton album is recorded in the studio.
February 2000 Although the album has been recorded and mixed, it remains unreleased and the continuity of the band is questioned.
May 2000 The album "Cobalto" is made available in MP3 format in the official Krypton web site
2000-2001 Rumours about the possible proper release of "Cobalto", perhaps in the label Lollipop
August 2001 Belén dies in an unfortunate accident


Krypton Pictures

30 Kb
Krypton after having received a shock from the Düsseldorf' Power Station,
Barcelona 19/6/1998
From l to r
Ismael Contreras, Servando Carballar, Belén Reyes
Picture: © Xavier Guillaumes, 1998

30 Kb
Barcelona, Sidecar club, 6/3/1999
From l to r
Belén, Marta Cervera, Servando
Picture: © Agustín Collado, 1999

17 Kb
Barcelona, Sidecar club, 6/3/1999
Picture: © Agustín Collado, 1999
62 Kb
Barcelona, Sidecar club, 6/3/1999
Belén, Servando
Picture: © Agustín Collado, 1999

Krypton Music

The album "Cobalto", which remains unreleased, is available in MP3 format in the official Krypton web site:

First version: 23/8/1998
Last Update: 6/8/2001


© José García, 1998-2001