Nuclear Sí is an unofficial site about the pioneer band of tecnopop in Spain: El Aviador Dro y Sus Obreros Especializados, or Aviador Dro, for short. Nuclear Sí emits radiations since july 1997 and it's fuelled thanks to the help of many mutants.

If you can contribute with additional information, live pictures or flyers not mentioned, get in touch beforehand with us.

Anything you feel is missing? Can we improve? Send your suggestions and comments.

Thanks for their contributions to:

José Beltrán (performances, pictures), Ian Calder (early corrections), Agustín Collado (Biography translation, pictures), Cybermode (performances, Mailing List), Andrés García (interview), Ernesto García (article), Xavier Guillaumes (pictures, concert organization, advice), HAL 9000 (computation and data), Iksele (data), Javier Martínez (performances), Luis Peña (performances), Eva Carolina Sanudo (scientific consultant), Tecnosanz (pictures), Emma Villegas (pictures), 'the Tough Girl' (moral support), Obreros Especializados (data)
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