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What is the 'Aviador Dro Unofficial Mailing List'?

The NuclearSi.com site keeps a mailing list since December 1997 in which there is talk about news, comments, opinions, etc. about the Aviador Dro and other directly related projects (Krypton, Lunes de Hierro, Los Iniciados, Esplendor Geométrico, etc.) which are sent by the list members. Initially, the list was totally manual, but now is automated. Messages and contributions are accepted in Spanish and English. I can recommend some  free translation services available in altavista.com, yahoo.com, google.com, etc .


Basic Rules

The basic rules to send mail to the list are described in the "welcome" message sent to new subscribers:


Welcome to the Unofficial Aviador Dro list. Please take a moment to review this message.

This is the introductory message to the electronic mailing list "nuclearsi". Please read carefully this message before subscribing and/or sending messages to the list. It contains information about the "netiquette" of the list and instructions about how to use the mailing list software.

"nuclearsi" is a forum for the debate about the music group Aviador Dro and other directly related bands (Iniciados, Lunes de Hierro, Krypton, Esplendor Geometrico, etc). The debate is open to music and ideology.

The Unofficial Aviador Dro Home Page,
has serveral resources related to El Aviador Dro and several links. I suggest you get familiar with them. It is possible you will find answers to some of your questions without having to ask them to thousands of mutants through this list.

I recommend the subscription in digest mode. In digest mode, you will only receive one message per day (if there has been mail) compiling all the messages sent to the list, instead of receiving dozens of messages that would flood your mailbox. 


This mailing list is bilingual, being most of the messages in Spanish. Messages are accepted in both Spanish and English. You can use a free translation service to get an idea of the topics discussed (there's one in http://world.altavista.com/ and other in the internet).

All postings to the list should go to   whether you're on the regular or digest version of the list.  Message sent to this address will immediately be forwarded to all members of the list, and will be queued for the next digest. (Please note that you will only be able to send messages if you're subscribed to the list. You should send messages from the account you used to subscribe to the list.)

New members are encouraged to introduce themselves.  When you join, please send a message to the list describing (in brief) who you are and your interest in the list's topic.

The messages you send to the list will be going to tenths, maybe hundreds of other people. For their convenience you should try to follow the usual rules of list courtesy:

  * Avoid long signatures (four lines is a good size).

  * Trim down quotations from postings you are responding to.

  * Think twice before posting extremely long messages.

  * Try to stay on-topic whenever possible. 

  * Do not repost messages from this list to other forums without first
    getting permission from the person who wrote that message.

  * If you send mail to the list using Netscape, Microsoft Mail, or other
    similar products, make sure your software is configured not to include
    attachments in your messages.  HTML content, rich text, and other
    similar inclusions should not be posted.

The following kinds of messages are *never* welcome on the list, and posting them might result in your being removed, so be careful!

  * Flames and/or attacks on other list members

  * Advertisements for things not directly related to the list's topic

  * Chain letters

  * Virus warnings and other "public service announcements"

  * Images and sound files (contact the list admin if you have materials
    to share with the list; he can put them on the list archives)

  * Hoaxes and forged email

  * Private email that you don't have the original sender's permission to
    repost to the list

The list is not meant to be used as an advertising forum, though short notices of the form "I have <this sort of thing> for sale; please email me for a full list" are acceptable as long as the items for sale are directly relevant to the topic of the mailing list.

Thanks and welcome aboard.


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