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Los Iniciados

7"  El Cantor de Jazz First EP with four songs DRO-004 1982
LP La Marca de Anubis   DRO-012 1982
LP Navidades Radioactivas Compilation of Xmas songs; 'El pavo de navidad ???' + tracks by other artists DRO-017 Dec. 1982
LP Todo Ubú Soundtrack of the theatre play of the same title, performed by Los Iniciados in Madrid. Some copies with booklet of the play, which is mainly the text from Alfred Jarry´s book "Ubú Rey". Very few copies available. DRO-043 1983
CD Druidas Químicos Contains new recordings, and the tracks from 'El Cantor de Jazz' and 'La Marca de Anubis' Lollipop 108 108-4 1999

Lunes de Hierro

LP  Lunes de Hierro Servando Carballar and Marta Cervera from El Aviador Dro are involved in this project DRO 4D-141 1985
7" Salomé, Otra Vez Single from the LP above DRO 1D-142 1985
7" En Mi Hogar Single from the LP above DRO 1D-170 1985
CD Lunes De Hierro Re-issue of the LP with extra tracks Lollipop 2000


Electroazúcar Servando Carballar and Ismael Contreras from El Aviador Dro are involved in this project Reactor KRY-001 16 Jan 1999
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