Radiactivo Tour in Deutschland 2003

Last Update: 1 September 2003
NuclearSi . com  and MetaWaveMusic . net are glad to present the:


The Radiactivo Tour is the first Aviador Dro tour in Germany, with the following dates:
Date Town Club
Fri.  5 Sep 03 Kaiserslautern Kramladen http://www.asta.uni-kl.de/kramladenbelegung.html
Sa.  6 Sep 03 Erlangen Omega http://www.omega-erlangen.de/termine/060903.html
Tue.  9 Sep 03 Zürich - Switzerland Toni Molkerei - Fiebertanz, with Der Widerstand http://www.tonimolkerei.com/
Th. 11 Sep 03 Berlin Kato, with Milch (Gigolo) http://www.kato-x-berg.com/
Fri. 12 Sep 03 Bochum Zwischenfall http://www.zfall.de/
Sa. 13 Sep 03 Hamburg Markthalle - Living Dead Party, with Sono, Ascii.Disko and Donna http://www.livingdead.de/livingdead2003/

2002 was the year for the celebration of the  "5th anniversary of NuclearSi . com", the first web site in existence about El Aviador Dro. NuclearSi . com presented then, for the very first time, the project AVIADOR DRO SISTEMA SÓNICO, a mixture of DJ session and live performance of the Obreros Especializados. The (artistic) success and good reviews in the specialized alternative press about the event have given NuclearSi . com the strength to organize another unique event to celebrate its 6 years online of Aviador Dro. After getting in touch with MetaWaveMusic . net (the label that releases and distributes the Aviador Dro records in Germany) and with other anonymous teutonic cells, and after receiving some serious electric shocks, we have joined forces to organize the RADIACTIVO TOUR IN DEUTSCHLAND. 

It will be the first time that Aviador Dro will do a tour outside of Spain. The tour is a small advance to the celebration of 25 years of science, music and work from Aviador Dro, in 2004. If you are in Germany this September, don't miss the RADIACTIVO TOUR IN DEUTSCHLAND.

Latest news: There will be a very limited edition vinyl single available at the tour, with two new songs: Triunvirus / Aviador DRO, ¿dígame?

Additional information:

www . NuclearSi . com (Radiactivo Tour in Deutschland)
www . MetaWaveMusic . net (Radiactivo Tour in Deutschland)

www . e-club . info (Review of the party "5th anniversary of NuclearSi . com", 2002)

¡Saludos radiaktivos und Auf Wiedersehen!
NuclearSi . com



the aviador dro specialized workers
guido hagenlocher
alexis von poser
das-drehmoment . de
fiebertanz . de
hoersturz . com
geneticmusic . de
membrumdebile . de
metawavemusic . net
xavier guillaumes (miracles-for-sale . com)


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